Whether you are a parent or public servant, educate yourself on the harmful effects of marijuana. Knowledge is powerful. Ocean State Prevention Alliance is commited to providing fact based information to prevent drug use among teens.


Get your information straight from the source. Ocean State Prevention Alliance has compiled a handy and informative bibliography so you access relevant, truthful information for yourself.

Learn About Ocean State Prevention Alliance

The Ocean State Prevention Alliance, founded in 2012 by a team of substance abuse prevention specialists, advocates for policies, practices, and community programs that protect youth from the harmful effects of marijuana. OSPA addresses the unintended consequences of current marijuana laws, basing our efforts on scientific research and public health approaches. OSPA is a member of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) and the Rhode Island Prevention Resource Center.

Medical marijuana laws and decriminalization have led to a change in community attitudes about marijuana, including reduced disapproval and perceived risk of harm. Incidentally, a 10% decrease in the perceived harm of marijuana generates a 28.7% increase in the annual prevalence of use among our youth. It is our duty and yours to stop this from happening and protect the health and welfare of the younger generation. If our society continues to be more accepting of marijuana, use among teens will increase

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